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FAIRER project guidelines

Project Guidelines

Project partners will endeavour to develop an easily transferable methodology…


Online learning resources and website

The methodology developed in the framework of the FAIRER project will be flexible enough to ensure its exploitation in different application scenarios. In fact, project partners will endeavour to develop an easily transferable methodology and an asset in this respect will be the development of guidelines into different contexts. The final deliverable 2.2 FAIRER guidelines will provide and specific replication models tailored to the needs of different stakeholders. Moreover, the FAIRER participatory approach, that uses targets to create activities, and spread them to a wider range of targets (e.g., to a wider range of professional and fan clubs that did not take part in the guidelines construction), is most likely to set the basis for long lasting collaborative networks.

The FAIRER online learning resources, as well as all the public FAIRER results and the communication and dissemination materials will be freely and publicly available at least 5 years after the end of the project lifecycle through the project website. The online contents will remain online even after the end of the project and can be used by other national sport federations, clubs and football associations as well as governmental institutions. The wider uptake of these results will be promoted by the participating partners and the stakeholders’ network also beyond the project lifecycle.

Publications and research data

In order to achieve the FAIRER goals, during the lifetime of the project research activities will gather different types of data in particular within WP2 and WP3. An archive of the project documents will be created and maintained, in an open data approach. In accordance with the open access provisions foreseen in the Erasmus+ programme guide. All collected data from interviews, focus groups and other research methods will be securely stored on WP Leaders electronic cloud-based storage systems and published in an aggregated way on the project's website and fully respect the privacy and data protection rights, according to EU regulations complying with Directive 95/46 EC and Ethics guidelines in data storage. The project doesn’t pose any particular issues in terms of IPR and public deliverables will be released under Creative Commons standards. With regards to ensuring open access to scientific and peer-reviewed publications, all project results will be published on OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe). Scientific peer-reviewed publications results will be published according to open access principles: to this end, a dedicated budget has been attributed to UNIMORE to ensure that peer-reviewed papers.

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